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Tales of Michigan

Tales of Michigan Book Image

A collection of fifteen stories from across the “Great Lakes State.”

  • By Constance M. Jerlecki
  • October 2012
  • Pages: 160
  • ISBN: 9781939150004 | eISBN: 9781939150011
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Chosen to give the reader an insight into Michigan’s rich and varied historical heritage, each of these tales relates a different aspect of the state’s past.

Among others, stories in this book include:

The life of George N. Smith, a pioneering missionary, who, along with his family, endured years of hardship living with the Native Americans. A man with a common name, but an uncommon life.

The story of Detroit’s once proud status as “Stove Capital of the World.”

The fiery head-on collision of two passenger trains at Battle Creek caused when one of the crews ignored their instructions.

The tale of William Bryce, a Union soldier that returned home following the Civil War only to succumb to injuries resulting from his experiences as a prisoner of the Confederacy.

The struggle to build a bridge across the Straits of Mackinac that lasted nearly seventy-five years before the Mackinac Bridge was finally completed.

A freighter’s crew that entered into a life-and-death struggle with the Storm of 1913, the most destructive storm to strike the Great Lakes in modern history.

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